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Louis Roederer Brut Vintage Rosé Champagne

Louis Roederer Vintage Rosé is a unique and rare Champagne of exceptional style thanks to the very particular way in which it is made.
Indeed, Louis Roederer is one of the few Houses that still use maceration on skins, a delicate method by which Pinot Noir grapes are left to macerate on the press for several hours to extract more fruit and colour. Skin maceration requires highly concentrated and aromatic grapes that only grow on the very old vines of Cumières and only in exceptional vintages.

Blend: 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay.
Maturation: an average of four years ageing on lees, plus more than six months after disgorging.
Dosage: 11-12g/L of sugar from the dosage liqueur.
Tasting notes: Salmon-pink appearance with coppery highlights. Rich nose with fresh fruit (blackcurrant, bilberry) mingled with aromas of cocoa and mocha coffee. Strong, fruity palate with flavours of Morello cherry and gingerbread. A fresh and persistent finish.
Choice of food: Brut Vintage Rosé pairs well with fish such as salmon, with meats such as lamb, veal or guinea-fowl, and with mild, creamy cheeses. It also complements desserts that are not overly sweet, such as fresh red berries with zabaglione cream.


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